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With over 30 years professional experience, Making Software Greener has familiarity with a wide variety of technologies and skills. 


An experienced, international speaker, M. Kelly Williams has presented at conferences for over 20 years. He speaks on a varieties of topics including Sustainability, IT Fundamentals, DevOps, Cloud, Containerization, “Soft Skills”, and Mental Health. Example videos may be viewed here. Sessionize Profile


Need a course or workshop?  From sustainability to DevOps practices, we can provide custom training tailored for your needs.


From developing stategies to architecture and building practices, we can support your needs.


We can provide mentoring and coaching for a variety of content areas.

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Green software reduces environmental impact through energy-efficient coding, efficient resource management, sustainable lifecycle practices, and cloud computing, aiding IT sustainability.


Language Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Analyzing Carbon Footprint Implications
of Programming Language Choice


Challenges to Adopting the Sustainable IT Manifesto

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With new regulations passed in Europe, California, and other parts of the world, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is becoming more important than ever. Here are five articles about ESG topics from the past six months:
Speaker with a screen behind them stating that "Every IT Professional plays a pivotal role"
The following video is from the 2023 DevOps India Summit. With a focus on “building a future of sustainable, resilient, and intelligent IT systems,” the conference featured a plethora of excellent speakers and content. It was an amazing event. I am honoured to have taken part. […]

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